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Your event is our profession.




When selecting our products, we place great importance on the precise processing of high-quality materials and we always pay attention to optimal user-friendliness. All products undergo our internal quality inspection in order to guarantee the longevity and flawless function.


Through our intensive work in various fields, we have created the optimal basis for SINGERCON. Care and expertise are essential for us, as we want to offer the right product choice. Our longstanding expertise helps to ensure this.


With a lot of expertise and a goal in mind, we are able to offer significant quality and price advantages, and therefore we develop our sustainable design "Made in Germany".

SINGERCON - this is us

High quality and simple, that is what we like and have been doing for over 15 years now. Our concept is multi-faceted, speedy and certainly future-oriented. Communication is the foundation of successful collaboration, and those who stop becoming better- stop being good. Not stopping is the motor function that drives singercon and that challenges the existing achievements. When product adjustments are required, we design them as quickly and actively as possible. Our job is to allow innovation while maintaining the principles of our system. We comply with defined processes. This is how we can guarantee a consistently high standard worldwide. That's one of our biggest success factor. We know that: "easy is not easy".

Advantage is our promise.

We add character to products.


Create unforgettable moments with the event equipment from SINGERCON. We create the conditions for unique events and parties that will remain in memory through our passionate engagement, latest technology and innovative ideas. Our main focus lies on the customer and his wishes, which is why SINGERCON's equipments are manufactured in cooperation with various experts. We are therefore able to enhance our products thanks to their experience and know-how.

From sketch to your event

"During the conception phase of CON.FM-400 branded Singercon, I envisioned a specific device, which can create the right atmosphere and win your guests` heart. Due to the incomparable combination of functionality and design, your upcoming events will turn into a unique highlight. The fog machine was designed in detail so that it can be easy to handle and convenient to operate. The impressive modern design combined with high quality materials are the key factors that let this device, no matter the conditions, guarantee a true experience."

Kirill Singer, Designer